Cabling, Bracing and Lighting Protection

Cabling and Bracing

If your trees are showing signs of weakness or a severe imbalance in the way they are growing; leaning to one side more than another, then a decision needs to be made rather quickly as to what to do. The specialists at Ashem will come out to your property and expertly evaluate whether to cut it down or utilize the popular technique of cabling and bracing. Imbalanced or unhealthy, weak trees can be extremely hazardous and dangerous to your property and surrounding landscaping.
When a tree is cabled and braced, an alternative counterbalance is created to give the tree the balance it needs. We will attach a cable to the tree, usually about two thirds of the way between the very top of the tree and the location of the weakness or imbalance. Cabling and bracing relieves the weight caused by the imperfection and gives the tree support to naturally grow stronger.
Stronger trees are happy trees! Cabling, along with proper trimming and maintenance, allows the nutrients the tree needs to develop and grow to be directed to the entire tree, not just one side or the other. At Ashem, we use this technique as a popular option to give the tree an extended lifespan of up to ten years. Minimal upkeep is needed, once the tree is properly braced and growing in a more symmetrical way.

Lightning Protection

At Ashem, we specialize in the installation of tree lightning protection systems. It is possible to protect a tree from lightning by redirecting lightning strikes via grounding and establishing preferred paths for electric currents that strike your trees. When correctly installed and maintained, lightning protection systems are very effective at preventing serious damage to your trees.
Thousands of unprotected trees are struck by lightning every year. Sometimes there is no damage at all but other times, damage and injury to your trees range from moderate to severe. In these cases, the lifespan of your trees may be shortened as they can succumb to secondary pests, structural failure, weakening to the core of the tree or wood decay. If that should happen and you decide to remove the tree, we provide complete tree removal services. Click here to find out more.