Our licensed and accredited team specializes in offering the most effective fertilization services for your landscaping needs in Florida. Your trees and shrubs need to be regularly fertilized in order to maintain their overall health and to be better prepared to fight off pests, disease, and environmental stresses.

Trees, in their natural habitat, need access to appropriate minerals in order to survive and grow strong. Fertilizing a tree during its growing season can help it overcome mineral deficiencies and fight off infections. There are numerous easy methods which can reduce the need for fertilizer. Even in Florida, some of your trees shed leaves seasonally.

Did you know letting leaves remain on the ground in the fall instead of raking them up reduces the need for fertilizing? It does not replace it, but it’s good for your trees!

These and other tips are ways we educate and involve our customers to help reduce unnecessary costs.

When you need quality fertilizing solutions, think Ashem. Contact us today!