Pest and Disease Diagnosis

At Ashem, we believe in being proactive and protecting your trees and shrubs from pests and diseases from the moment we take over the maintenance of your landscaping.

Since pests and diseases are the leading causes of tree health issues, we consider prevention and proper diagnosis to be an important part of our services.

Some of the common signs of disease that we look for are:

  • Undersized or discolored leaves.
  • Small holes in tree bark.
  • Improperly trimmed trees that are over-exposed to the sun, called hatracking.
  • Overly compacted soil, which can kill a tree’s roots.
  • Deep cavities in trees caused by a lightning strike, insects, or improper cutting.
  • Tree bark that has been damaged near the roots from weed eating insects or too much mowing.
  • A fungal infection, common in the humid conditions of Florida, that goes unchecked.

If your plant life and trees are showing any signs of the above, don’t hesitate to contact us for a thorough pest and disease diagnosis today!