Root Pruning and Bio Barrier Installation

At Ashem, we want you to have peace of mind when it comes to the investment you make in landscaping. We employ pruning to ensure your tree’s roots don’t invade driveways and sidewalks, grow into pipes or infiltrate buildings. These situations can cause serious and costly damage. Our certified team at Ashem attacks those aggressive roots without damaging your trees.

Our root pruning services call for a delicate approach to a gnarly problem that plagues many trees. The process is always preceded by a thorough assessment of your tree. Older, mature trees most likely have roots that are one to three inches in diameter and are often the roots that are holding the tree upright.

Root pruning is more injurious to these older mature trees than it is for younger more vigorous trees. We use extreme caution when trimming these roots; the fewer cuts, the better. Pruning away from the trunk is the best option, using the proper tools to make a clean cut, preventing damage.

If your trees are in shallow soil or on soil that does not drain properly and completely, pruning the roots may not be an option. Trees that are leaning are also not good candidates for root pruning. Our team can advise you on other alternatives, if this is the case.

There is another popular method of root control where our professionals install a Biobarrier. When a BioBarrier is used for root control, tree roots reaching the root barrier are stopped, while roots outside the barrier zone continue to grow naturally.

This helps in restricting root growth beyond a point that will cause damage and is very effective. Installing and maintaining an easy to use Biobarrier will alleviate worries about roots that can invade your property and adversely affect your landscaping. Ask our tree experts if this is a good solution for you if your property is plagued by aggressive roots.