Tree Removal

Removing a tree is something we try to avoid at all costs. However, there are times when removal is the best option, such as:

Dead or Dying Trees - This is the most common reason for removing a tree. Dying or dead trees usually have a very weak internal structure and are prone to falling or cracking apart, causing damage to property and even bodily injuries, especially during severe weather. Hurricanes have been known to totally uproot a tree, and send it flying through the air - only to land on your car or house. Our professional team at Ashem are experts in evaluating trees that need to be removed. We assess and determine the safety hazards, the age and condition of the tree and advise you on the proper action to take. Our priority is saving the tree, when possible, but not if it has potential to pose danger to you and your property. Take advantage of our years of experience in Florida and trust us to make the appropriate decision for you.

Root Interference - Tree roots are extremely unpredictable and can potentially cause serious damage to your property. A tree’s root can grow under, around, and through structural foundations and cause them to become unstable. Roots can also crack your walls and interfere with your plumbing. If either of these situations occur, repairing them can be extremely expensive. The best option is the complete removal of the tree. Even if only one side of the tree’s roots are invasive, we recommend total removal of the tree. An unbalanced tree increases its instability and potential to become a hazard, one which can cost you money and compromise your property and personal safety.

Location- When a tree is growing too close to overhead power lines, is dangerously leaning to one side, with the threat of possibly falling on a person, building, or roadway, it presents a serious threat. Tree removal is usually recommended under these conditions.

Emergency - There are situations where you would need a tree evaluated immediately since it may pose a health risk. If a tree has been struck by lightning or has been affected by a storm, have us come in and evaluate it. Sometimes immediate removal of the tree is the only resolution.