Tree Trimming (Structural and Maintenance Pruning)

Tree trimming and tree removal is something every property owner needs to have done at one time or another. It’s considered maintenance and should be thought of as preserving your trees and giving them the longest and healthiest life possible.

Tree trimming is just one form of tree maintenance, and an important one! Our professionals expertly reduce the overall size of your trees, using the appropriate equipment, and removing excessive branches and growth. Regularly trimming your trees improves the overall look of your yard and outdoor space, and may prolong the life of your trees, all while still providing the much needed shade that we all need and love in the “Sunshine State” of Florida.

The idea of trimming a tree may seem simple, and you may be tempted to do it yourself - but don’t! You could easily damage your trees - or yourself, in the case of very large trees. Leave it to Ashem to be sure your trees are trimmed on a regular maintenance schedule.

Our team will come in and assess the proper solutions and frequency, ensuring your trees will continue to add beauty to your property for many years to come.